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Ideal for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in circuit building and electronics. This is a great STEAM resource for children of age group 6-12 yrs.

₹ 1000 
Online Courses
SCRATCH L-1 (Basic)

Scratch is a visual programming language that is mainly used by children, all over the globe. This visual language is in the shape of blocks, and it allows its users to create online projects, games, apps, and many other things. Community building and initiatives like Scratch put a lot of emphasis on this matter, enabling kids to develop even more skills and abilities through the learning of coding.

Key Features:

  • Introduction to Scratch and its Blocks
  • Animated Cartoons
  • Animate Stories
  • Pop a Balloon
  • Make a Checklist

Duration: 3 months 

Language: English 

Age Group: 6+ 



  • Laptop/ iPad/ PC
  • Internet connection with good speed.


₹ 12000 
Robotics Kits
STEM: IT With Robotics

Robotics Kits Designed, Articulated by Industry Experts, Seasoned Academicians & Technical Experts.

WHIZROBO's personalised STEM IT: With ROBOTICS" kits for K-12 Students. 
In this Level-1 Kit, it includes 7 models and a surprise gift for your young explorer. 
Description of models: 
1. Windmill: Finely cut MDF pieces to be made into a windmill with all concentration and engagement.
2. Blocks: Tiny block pieces that will engage your child for hours into making a  cute small dinosaur.
3. Glider: A build and fly glider model for the young enthusiast in your home.
4. Parachute : Enjoy the landing of a model parachute from the terrace of your house.
5. L.E.D house : Learn the basic of circuit designing with our unique model.
6. Catch the match : Make a wonderful learning aid for your child using our catch the match circuit.
7. Balloon boat: Make your little one learn the concept of reaction force while playing with our balloon boat.

₹ 3500 
WCC 2020

WCC stands for WHIZROBO CODING CHALLENGE that is initiated and organized by WHIZROBO (Institute of robotics science and technology).

It is an open coding contest that aims at 8 to 15 year old students who are capable of presenting their coding and programming skills at a national level platform given to them by us.

WCC 2020 is a coding competition for kids to encourage them to recognize their inner innovator and come up with visionary solutions to real-world problems independently with the knowledge they have gained.

We invite all educators, principals, academic leaders, STEM and STEAM business leaders, parents, and students to be a part of the grand launch and get inspired by some of the future reformers.

₹ 1000