WCC stands for WHIZROBO CODING CHALLENGE that is initiated and organized by WHIZROBO (Institute of robotics science and technology).

It is an open coding contest that aims at 8 to 15 year old students who are capable of presenting their coding and programming skills at a national level platform given to them by us.

WCC 2020 is a coding competition for kids to encourage them to recognize their inner innovator and come up with visionary solutions to real-world problems independently with the knowledge they have gained.

We invite all educators, principals, academic leaders, STEM and STEAM business leaders, parents, and students to be a part of the grand launch and get inspired by some of the future reformers.


General WTN Guidelines:

How To Participate


Beat The Pandemic
(6 - 9 Yrs)
Hit The Virus
(10 - 13 Yrs)
Save The World
(14 - 16 Yrs)


Google Mini
Master Class
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Spreading the Word!

This coding competition will only be successful if more and more people are aware of it and encourage children to participate in it. You don’t really have to be an educator or a makerspace owner or a principal for spreading the word. Even as an individual you do a lot! You can tell your own kids, siblings, neighbors, neighbors’ kids, and others around you about this one-of-its-kind competition and encourage them to take part in it!

If you ARE an educator or a makerspace owner, you can tell your students about it by organizing workshops or coding boot camps in which you can introduce students to graphical programming, the Sustainable Development Goals, and motivate them to take part in the competition.

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