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Robotics Kits
STEM: IT With Robotics

Robotics Kits Designed, Articulated by Industry Experts, Seasoned Academicians & Technical Experts.

WHIZROBO's personalised STEM IT: With ROBOTICS" kits for K-12 Students. 
In this Level-1 Kit, it includes 7 models and a surprise gift for your young explorer. 
Description of models: 
1. Windmill: Finely cut MDF pieces to be made into a windmill with all concentration and engagement.
2. Blocks: Tiny block pieces that will engage your child for hours into making a  cute small dinosaur.
3. Glider: A build and fly glider model for the young enthusiast in your home.
4. Parachute : Enjoy the landing of a model parachute from the terrace of your house.
5. L.E.D house : Learn the basic of circuit designing with our unique model.
6. Catch the match : Make a wonderful learning aid for your child using our catch the match circuit.
7. Balloon boat: Make your little one learn the concept of reaction force while playing with our balloon boat.

₹ 3500 
Robotics Kits
Electronics (Basic)

Teach kids electronics with hands-on training through this amazing kit that contains all the essential prerequisites for a beginner.

₹ 4500 
Robotics Kits
Electronics (ADVANCED)

Electronics (Advance) is a starter set for learning the electrical circuitry. It comes with a range of electronics components that can be combined in several ways to create a number of different circuits.

₹ 5500 
Robotics Kits
Arduino Uno Kit

A great starter kit to learn to code and is a perfect way to dive into electronics as you get all the essential components in a single package that are required to start working even if you have no experience in electronics and programming.

₹ 2500 
Robotics Kits

It is an easy to use electronic device best for kids of 8-12 years that consists of an inbuilt LED Matrix, an on-board buzzer, pushbuttons, and GPIO pins through which children can create fun, intuitive, and innovative projects.

₹ 4500 
Robotics Kits

Robby full of fun activities and educative games can be controlled through mobile, draw some basic shapes, and can be coded to work as per instructions. 

₹ 5000 
Robotics Kits

The intro Kit Provides Unique Accessories and parts that can be transformed into various remote-controlled robots. An excellent building kit designed to teach kids about structure building and remote control in a fun way.

₹ 4500 
Robotics Kits

The full series kit comes with a programmable brain, mechanical parts, and a remote that Provides joyful and meaningful learning experience to young minds. Motivates out-of-box thinking, imagination, and helps children learn GUI interface programming.

₹ 8500 
Robotics Kits

Tweak Is Your Child's friend that Opens Up Exciting New Worlds. It’s A Child Safe Personal kit That Can be converted into different robots enhancing creativity, driven using the mobile app, can greet, show various faces, and whose very Interaction Your Child makes him Smarter And Happy. It can be used to teach your child alphabets, numbers, and much more.

₹ 11800